Videos by Topic

Videos by Topic


A Bird’s Eye View to the Bible

An excellent 7-part series by Pastor Rodney Beaulieu of Grace Bible Community Church in Newington, Connecticut.  This is a MUST WATCH series that pulls no punches concerning the “traditional” teaching of the Bible.  This series is guaranteed to open your eyes and increase your understanding of Scripture.



Understanding Your Bible

Each video in this 11-part series is just 30 minutes in length.  Hosted by Pastor Craig MacDonald and taught in a classroom setting, this series is foundational to properly understanding the Bible.  This too is a MUST WATCH.



Scott Clarke Collection

There is truly an amazing story behind our brother in Christ, Scott Clarke.  Scott was deep into the Hebrew Roots movement, he was a charismatic, a continuationist, and he now admits (tearfully) that he had it wrong.  There has been an amazing transformation in Scott’s life since he found Right Division and he is focusing each and every day that he has left on this planet towards teaching others correctly ‘and to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery’ (Eph 3:9).