This 7-part series is a MUST WATCH for every Christian or for anyone who desires to understand the Bible correctly. The Church today stands in utter confusion. This series’ intent is to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery (Eph 3:9) and to glorify God properly while doing so.

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Within this introductory video, the fundamentals of the faith are discussed and the foundation is laid for one to understand Mid-Acts Pauline Dispensationalism correctly.

Part 2 covers the Keys to Understanding the Scriptures. Christians are instructed to study the Scriptures. Doing so favors God’s approval. Christians are also instructed to rightly divide the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15). Not doing so leads only to confusion.

Part 3. When does the Old Testament begin and when does it end? When does the New Testament begin and when does it end? What is to be the major division within God’s Word that we are to follow? Should we follow the tradition of men or should we follow what God’s Word says?

Part 4. Something was spoken of since the world began and something was kept secret since the world began… Compare Acts 3:21 against Romans 16:25

Part 5. Do you hear from the pulpit each week that Christ had two ministries – an earthly ministry to Israel with 12 disciples turned apostles and a heavenly ministry to all the nations with one apostle, the apostle to the Gentiles?

Part 6. The dispensation of the Law and the dispensation of the Grace of God is elaborated upon within this video. Also, the Great Commission of Reconciliation is discussed in detail while contrasting it against the Great Commission that was given to the 12 apostles to Israel.

Part 7. The future returns (plural) of Christ – the rapture/harpazo of the Church (the body of Christ) and the Second Coming of Christ in wrath and judgment. Which will you take part in?