To Cut Straight, to Handle Aright

Strong’s Greek 3718, 3718 orthotoméō (from temnō, “to cut” and 3717 /orthós, “straight”) 1. properly cut straight (on a straight line), i.e., “rightly divide” (correctly apportion). The word that is translated “rightly dividing” is “ορθοτομουντα (orthotomounta)”, which has the literal … Continued

When does Salvation happen for the Christian?

Thus far we have looked at the why, what, who, how, and where of salvation.  It is time now to look at the “when” of salvation.  The “when” of salvation within the Bible is, unfortunately, the most confusing subject for … Continued


The Bible teaches that the transaction of Jesus Christ shedding His blood, dying on a cross, and then rising again, resurrecting into eternal life, is the only means by which man has to be saved at any point in history.  … Continued