Preparing to start your studies in another book of the Bible?

Consider the following short summary of each book of the Bible as you prepare to start that study.


The Bible’s High-Level Outline:

The Old Testament:

The King and His coming Kingdom in promise and prophecy.

The Gospels:

The King and His Kingdom offered and rejected by the nation Israel.


The King and His Kingdom re-offered and rejected; the transition to the Body of Christ.

The Pauline Epistles:

The Kingdom postponed; the King made Head of the Church, the Body of Christ.

The Hebrew Epistles:

The King and His Kingdom once again at hand.


The King comes to establish His Kingdom on the earth.



The Old Testament

The Law of Moses

The History of Israel

Poetry (Wisdom Books)

Major Prophets

Minor Prophets

The Life and Earthly Ministry of Christ

The Transition Period

The Pauline (Body of Christ) Epistles

The Hebrew (Tribulation) Epistles