Genesis is the book of beginnings:  universe, mankind, marriage and family, sin, revelation, sacrifice, civilization, Babylon, and the Hebrews.  In dealing with mankind in general, it covers four outstanding events:  creation, fall, flood, and Babel.  In dealing with Israel in particular, it covers the lives of four outstanding persons:  Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.  God used 38 chapters to cover about 300 years.  He gets to Abraham quickly and gives details about him and his seed because God plans to reconcile the government of earth to Himself through Israel.



I. Four Outstanding Events (1-11) — Mankind in General

A. The Creation (l -2)

B. The Fall (3)

C. The Flood (4-9)

D. The Babel Crisis (10-11)

Il. Four Outstanding Persons (12-50) — Israel in Particular

A. Abraham — God chooses Abram and makes and confirms a covenant with him

B. Isaac — The promised seed, chosen over Ishmael

C. Jacob — The 12 sons of Jacob become 12 tribes

D. Joseph — How Israelites got down in Egypt