What Critics Have Said

Odds are that you have only recently heard of Mid Acts Pauline Dispensationalism.  One must ask the question, “why is that?”  The fact of the matter is that our chief adversary, Satan, is opposed to the clear teaching and the … Continued

Introductory Questions

Before turning an additional page within this Primer, it is critical that you ask yourself the following questions.  If you do not know the answers to these questions, ask your pastor, priest, or another Christian that you fellowship with and do … Continued

Which Testament Is The Church Found In?

All who read the Bible divide it in some fashion.  Even an unbeliever who gives the Bible a casual reading is influenced by where the publishers have placed certain labels for certain sections of the Bible.  Surprisingly, those who actually study, … Continued

Why Such Confusion?

  Anyone who has spent any amount of time within Christian circles will admit that confusion exists within the Church today.  Unfortunately, that confusion becomes evident when one asks the most important question of all, “what must a person do … Continued