To Cut Straight, to Handle Aright

Strong’s Greek 3718, 3718 orthotoméō (from temnō, “to cut” and 3717 /orthós, “straight”) 1. properly cut straight (on a straight line), i.e., “rightly divide” (correctly apportion). The word that is translated “rightly dividing” is “ορθοτομουντα (orthotomounta)”, which has the literal … Continued

What Critics Have Said

Odds are that you have only recently heard of Mid Acts Pauline Dispensationalism.  One must ask the question, “why is that?”  The fact of the matter is that our chief adversary, Satan, is opposed to the clear teaching and the … Continued

What Is Mid-Acts Pauline Dispensationalism?

Mid-Acts Pauline Dispensationalism is primarily concerned with making salvation clear.  The fact of the matter is that a large percentage of those who call themselves “Christian” are not saved and do not have eternal life with their Creator to look forward … Continued

Introductory Questions

Before turning an additional page within this Primer, it is critical that you ask yourself the following questions.  If you do not know the answers to these questions, ask your pastor, priest, or another Christian that you fellowship with and do … Continued