OT vs. NT – An Incorrect Division (WIP)

The divisions of Old Testament and New Testament within our Bibles are incorrect:

  1. The “Old Testament” is referred to by Paul in 2 Cor 3:13-15 and is a reference to Moses and the Law.
  2. The “New Testament” is the “New Covenant,” prophesied by Ezekiel and Jeremiah, and was inaugurated by Christ at the end of His earthly ministry. (Mt 26:28, Heb 9:15-17)
  3. Since the “Old Testament” (Old Covenant) is the giving of the Law, that could not begin until the covenant of the Law actually was delivered in Exodus 19:5.
  4. Since the “New Testament” (New Covenant) could not take effect without the death of the testator, placing a label of “New Testament” before Matthew 1:1, before Christ died on the Cross, is an error and is misleading.
  5. Mt, Mk, Lk, and Jn are doctrinally Old Testament books.
  6. The Church did not start in Acts 2 (Pentecost), but in Acts 9 with Saul of Tarsus receiving the revelation of the mystery, which the Lord Jesus Christ delivered to him:
    1. 1 Tim 1:16, 1 Cor 15:3, Eph 3:2, Col 1:25-26, 1 Cor 9:17, Gal 1:11-12, Phil 4:15, Rom 15:16, Acts 9:15, Rom 11:13
    2. Compare Acts 2 with Acts 5:30-31, Acts 10:28, Acts 11:1-2, Acts 18-19
    3. See Rom 11:11, Rom 11:25, Rom 16:25-26
  7. Thus there are three major divisions that publishers should use within our Bibles, not two:
    1. OT – Old Testament
    2. NT – New Testament
    3. MT – Mystery Truth
      1. You will, however, be hard-pressed to find any denomination, along with the overwhelming number of churches in America, preaching Christ “according to the revelation of the mystery” (Rom 16:25-26).
  8. In actuality, there are four major divisions within our Bibles:
    1. No Testament – Gen 1:1 to Ex 19:4
    2. Old Testament – Ex 19:5 – Acts 8:40
    3. No Testament – Acts 9:1 – Philemon 1:25
    4. New Testament – Heb 1:1 – Rev 22:21




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