The book of 1 Samuel records the transition from the time of the judges (theocracy) to the time of the kings (monarchy).  Israel rejected God as their King in favor of a human king.  Samuel was the last of the judges (Judges 7:15) and the first of the national prophets (Acts 3:24, 13:20-23).  He anointed Saul as the first king and then David his successor.  The book of 2 Samuel records the establishment of the kingdom under David.


1. Samuel: The Last of the Judges (1 Sam 1-7)

A. Birth and Childhood (1-2)

B. Call and Office (3)

C. Ministry (4-7)

Il. Saul: The First of the Kings (1 Sam 8-15)

A. Becomes King (8-10)

B. Early Victories (11-12)        

C. Sins and Rejection (13-15)

III. David: The Anointed Successor (1 Sam 16 to 2 Sam 24)

A. Shepherd (1 Sam 16-17)

B. Servant (1 Sam 18-19)

C. Exile (1 Sam 20-31)

D. King (2 Sam 1-24)