A Comparison Between 1 Corinthians 1:23 and Acts 3:12-15 (WIP)

A comparison between 1 Corinthians 1:23 and Acts 3:12-15 demonstrates to the Church two completely separate views of Christ’s crucifixion:

  1. Christ being put to death is a central part of the Gospel for today.
    1. The apostle Paul glories in the cross of Christ (Gal 6:14).
    2. Part of the gospel that saves us is that Christ died for our sins.
  2. What Peter preached at Pentecost is not “glorying” in the cross of Christ.
    1. Peter preaches a murder indictment against the nation Israel.
    2. The message Peter preached about the cross was an accusation of ignorance (Acts 3:17) and a shame to Israel.
  3. Peter is preaching a tragedy and Paul is preaching a triumph. These are two totally separate messages and indicate two totally different programs.


3 responses to “A Comparison Between 1 Corinthians 1:23 and Acts 3:12-15 (WIP)

  1. It’s a special blessing from God to meet such people like you. To me, it’s God answering my prayer of Him making me meet men who will show me the truth. Thank you that you’re part of the men. I started finding my way here this last Sunday, May 5, 2024 when from nowhere I saw on YouTube a video about who the Gentiles are. This is a subject in the Bible that recently has been greatly worrying me.

    Can I say, I am here to learn from you biblical, not traditional evidence.

    1. The conversion of Cornelius is typically used as an example of how sinners are saved in this present age of grace because he received the Holy Ghost before being baptized with water. It is commonly taught that Cornelius was baptized by the Spirit into the Body of Christ by hearing and believing Peter’s message. However, Cornelius is an example of Gentile salvation under the gospel of kingdom. (see Mt 25:31-46)

      If the household of Cornelius were the first Gentiles baptized into the Body of Christ, as it is commonly believed, why does the Scripture say that the door of faith was opened to the Gentiles through Paul’s ministry (Acts 14:27)?

      Peter did not preach to Cornelius that apart from the nation Israel and apart from works he could be saved by exclusively trusting that Christ died for his sins, was buried and raised the third day for his justification. (1 Cor 15:1-4; Rom 4:25)

      Peter noted that Cornelius had blessed Israel (given alms) which ties in with the Abrahamic Covenant and blessings for Gentiles under Israel’s program. Also Peter taught that God respects those who work righteousness (works). Does our salvation message today include any of our works? Absolutely not…

      Peter solidifies the difference in his message and audience when in Acts 15, Peter, James, and John agree to keep their ministries separate from that of Paul’s, and to separate audiences.
      (Gal 2:7-9)

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