The purpose of this book was to warn Judah of the coming judgment and to comfort the faithful remnant.  There had been an enforced reformation under Josiah (2 Kings 22) but it was superficial and would not last.  The theme is the “day of the LORD” (mentioned 20 times in 3 chapters) as prefigured by the Babylonian invasion.



I. The Day of LORD (1-3:8)

A. Earth (1:2-3)

B. Judah (1:4-2:3)

C. Nations (2:4-15)

D. Jerusalem (3:1-7)

E. Earth (3:8)

II. Deliverance of the LORD (3:9-20)

A. Regathering (3:9-10)

B. Repentance (3:11-13)

C. Rejoicing (3:14-15)

D. Redeemer (3:16-20)