Malachi served to strengthen Nehemiah in the way that Haggai and Zechariah encouraged Zerubbabel.  Following a period of revival (Neh 10:28-39) the people became spiritually indifferent and morally lax.  Malachi rebukes the people during the time recorded in Neh 13:4-31.  The temple worship had been restored, but ceremonial formalism and hypocrisy were rampant.  Sadly, the attitude of the people was one of sneering self-defense.



I. They Doubted His Love (1:1-5)

Il. They Despised His Name (1:6-14)

III. They Defiled His Covenant (2:1-17)

IV. They Disobeyed His Word (3:1-15)

V. The Day of the LORD (3:16-4:6)