The events recorded in the book of Ruth took place during the time of the judges (Ruth 1:1) and shows that God always has a godly remnant in days of apostasy.  This is the first book in the Bible named after a woman and the only other such book is Esther.  Ruth is a Gentile that marries a Jew and Esther is a Jewess that marries a Gentile.  Both marriages show that in the prophetic kingdom program Gentiles are blessed through Israel (Gen 12:1-3).

The story of Ruth provides:

  • Ancestry of David and the Lord Jesus Christ

  • Illustration of how God works through His godly remnant in days of apostasy

  • Prophetic picture of Israel (Naomi) and believing Gentiles (Ruth) in the last days

  • Typology of Christ as the Redeemer (Boaz)

Many believe Ruth is a type of the Church God is building in this present age, but the Body of Christ is not in the Old Testament (Col 1:26).  Actually, Ruth is a type of the believing Gentile nations that enter the Kingdom Age (Mat. 25:31-40).  Ruth was blessed because she clave to Naomi, a Hebrew widow.  Naomi’s condition in the first chapter pictures the condition of Israel before the Kingdom Age:  out of the land of promise, empty, and without a husband.  When Naomi returns to her land, she and Ruth are blessed because of the kinsmanredeemer.  In this present age, the Body of Christ is blessed without Israel (Rom 11:12, 25).  The bride of the Messiah will be of Israel (Isa 54:4-8; Hosea 2:14-23), and not of the Gentiles.



I. Ruth’s Sorrow (1)

A. Naomi and her sorrows (1:1-5)

B. The return from Moab (1:6-12)

C. Orpah returns and Ruth cleaves (1:14-18)

D. Naomi and Ruth in Bethlehem (1:19-22)

Il. Ruth’s Service (2)

A. Ruth gleaning in the field of Boaz (2:1-3)

B. Boaz shows grace to Ruth (2:4-17)

C. Naomi tells Ruth about Boaz (2:18-23)

III. Ruth’s Surrender (3)

A. Naomi instructs Ruth (3:1-5)

B. Ruth at the feet of Boaz (3:6-7)

C. Boaz desires to the part of a kinsman (3:8-13)

D. Boaz gives Ruth six measures of barley (3:14-18)

IV. Ruth’s Satisfaction (4)

A. The nearer kinsman (4:1-8)

B. Boaz’s redemption (4:9-10)

C. The marriage (4:11-13)

D. Naomi’s happiness (4:14-17)

E. The ancestry of David (4:18-22)