Jeremiah preached against the sins of his nation and called on them to repent.  The people rejected the message (Jer 25:1-12) and persecuted the prophet that delivered it (Jer 38:1-6).  The vision of Jeremiah includes the impending Babylonian captivity and the return after 70 years (Jer 29:10), the world-wide dispersion, the final re-gathering of Israel (Jer 23:3-8), the judgment on Gentile nations, and the Kingdom Age (Jer 31:31-40).



I. Jeremiah’s commission (1)

Il. Prophecies to the Jews (2-20)

Ill. History regarding Jehoiakim (not chronological) (21-35)

IV. Baruch and his mission to Jehoiakim (36)

V.   History regarding Zedekiah (not chronological) (37-45)

VI. Prophecies against Gentiles (46-51)

VII. Historical appendix (52)


Jeremiah and Jesus:

1. Both rejected by their own towns

2. Jeremiah was viciously opposed by the false prophets and Jesus was by the Pharisees

3. Jesus quoted Jeremiah when He cleansed the temple and told the priests they had made it a “den of thieves”

4. Both emphasized a religion of the heart and not just one of outward form

5. Both wept over the city of Jerusalem and predicted its destruction

6. Both were persecuted and falsely arrested