Deuteronomy means “second law.”  It is not the giving of a new law but simply the reiteration of the law to the new generation that was about to enter the land.  This book also contains a summary of the wilderness journeys of Israel, the land covenant, prophecy about Israel’s history, and the parting words and death of Moses.  The basic message of the book is that the possession and enjoyment of Canaan were conditioned on the faith and obedience of the people to the Law.  The book of Deuteronomy is a discourse.  God inspired Moses to preach to the nation, looking back on what He had done for them and looking ahead to what He will yet do for them.



I. Looking Backward (1-11)

A. Review of the journey since Sinai (1-3)

B. Review of the law from Sinai (4-11)

Il. Looking Forward (12-34)

A.   Final rules and warnings to Israel (12-30)

B.    Final words and actions of Moses (31-34)