Amos was from the little town of Tekoa, six miles south of Bethlehem in the kingdom of Judah. The LORD took him while he worked as a shepherd, and sent him north to Bethel, the center of idol worship and the residence of King Jeroboam Il, who reigned over the kingdom of Israel. At the time of this prophecy, Israel was at the height of its power and prosperity, but it had also become full of idolatry and sin. Amos exposes the sins of the people and warns that God will punish them (3:1-2). Nothing could seem more improbable than the fulfillment of Amos’ warnings; yet within 50 years the kingdom was utterly destroyed.



I. Declaration of Sin and Judgment (1-2)

Beginning with the nations surrounding Israel, Amos swings in a kind of counterclockwise circle proclaiming God’s judgment. Eight times we read “For three transgressions and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof’.

Il. Exhortations about Sin and Judgment (3-6)

In this section, there are 3 sermons that begin with “Hear this word.”

A. The reason for God’s judgment (3)

B. The result of God’s judgment (4)

C. The repentance needed in view of God’s judgment (5-6)

Ill. Visions of Judgment and Restoration (7-9)

In this section, there are 6 visions (5 negative and 1 positive) and each begins with “the Lord GOD shewed unto me” or “I saw.”

A. Grasshoppers (7:1-3)

B. Fire (7:4-6)

C. Plumbline (7:7-9)

D. Historical interlude: opposition from the priest of Bethel (7:10-17)

E. Basket of summer fruit (8)

F. Smiting of the temple (9:1-10)

G. Restoration (9:11-15)