The title of this book is taken from the name of the leading figure in the book.  The name Joshua means Jehovah-Saviour.  Six is the number of man (e.g., Rev 13:18; Adam created on the 6th day, etc.).  Joshua (6 letters) is the first book of the Bible that bears a man’s name, and it is the sixth book of the Bible.

The book is about a land (Canaan) and a people (Israel).  The land is an inheritance promised by God, waiting to be occupied by His people.  The people must overcome the obstacles of war, greed, and fear to lay hold on the promises made to their fathers.

Redemption has two parts:  “out” and “into” (Deut 6:23).  In Exodus, the people were brought OUT of bondage and in Joshua, they are brought INTO their inheritance.  In this book, we see the children of Israel:  crossing into the land (1-5); conquering the enemy (6-12); claiming the inheritance (13-24).



Joshua – The Period of Possession (about 25 years)

I. Crossing into the Land (1-5:12)

A. Joshua’s commission (l)

B. Rahab and the spies (2)

C. Crossing the Jordan River (3-4)

D. The circumcision at Gilgal (5:1-12)

Il. Conquering the Enemy (5:13-12)

A. The Captain of the host of the LORD (5:13-15)

B. The central campaign: Jericho; Ai; Gibeon (6-9)  

C. The southern campaign (10)

D. The northern campaign (11)

E. The defeated kings (12)

III. Claiming the Inheritance (13-24)

A. The tribal territory assigned (13-19)

1) East (13-14)

2) West (15-19)

B. The special cities appointed (20-21)

1) The cities of refuge (20)

2) The priestly cities (21)

C. The border tribes allotted (22)

D. The nation admonished (23-24)