The book of Esther reveals the secret care of the Lord over the dispersed Jews (God is not mentioned by name one time in this book).  A remnant of Jews went back to Jerusalem, but the mass of the people preferred to stay under Persian rule of which they had grown comfortable.  In spite of their condition, God protects them from an evil plot to destroy them.  The book is named for a Jewish orphan who became the Persian Queen that God used to bring the Jews deliverance.  The events of this book picture the tribulation period.  Haman is a type of the Antichrist that seeks to destroy the Jews.  Though for a time they are in great danger, in the end, Haman is destroyed, and the Jews are delivered.  Mordecai is a type of the godly Jewish remnant that will not bow to the Antichrist and as result is honored and exalted.



I. The Danger to the Jews (1-4)

A. The king removes Vashti as queen (1)

B. The king chooses Esther as queen (2)

C. The evil plot of Haman (3)

D. The great mourning of Mordecai and the Jews (4)

Il. The Deliverance of the Jews (5-10)

A. Esther before the king and her request (5:1-8)

B. Haman’s delusion (5:9-14)

C. Mordecai is honored and Haman humiliated (6)

D. Haman exposed and killed (7)

E. The king’s new decree (8)

F. The Jews victory (9)

G. Mordecai’s exaltation (10)