This 7-part series is a MUST WATCH for every Christian or for anyone who desires to understand the Bible correctly.  This is a sermon series from Pastor Rodney Beaulieu of Grace Bible Community Church in Connecticut.  This series is focused upon rightly dividing the Bible and it stands as one of the best no-nonsense deliveries of understanding the word of God correctly.


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Part 1 of this 7 part series. Your life can be broken down into yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  This video focuses upon the fact that the word of God is presented in Time Past, But Now, and the Ages To Come.

Part 2.  This video is focused upon the book of Hebrews.  Who is the book of Hebrews written to?  Are you a Hebrew?  Are you found within one of the 12 tribes scattered abroad or are you a member of the body of Christ?

Part 3.  This video is focused upon the book of James.  Who was the book of James written to?  What was the purpose for it being written?  Why does James contradict Paul’s clear teaching concerning grace vs. works and why do so many pastors explain that contradiction away?

Part 4.  This video is focused upon the book of 1 Peter.  Are you found in one of the 12 tribes scattered abroad?  Can the Word of God have two confusing messages, with both written to you?  Can you truly understand your Bible knowing that Paul said one thing while Peter said just the opposite?

Part 5.  This video is focused upon continuing the book of 1 Peter.  Peter states that the time has come that judgment must begin at the house of God.  Is that written to you?

Part 6. This video is focused upon the book of 2 Peter.  This is an examination of the trend developed in 1st and 2nd Peter and provides overwhelming evidence that these epistles point to a future grace that is to be brought unto Israel.

Part 7. This video is focused upon the books of 1, 2, and 3 John and it concludes the series. 1 John follows the trend of moving into the future, just like Hebrews, James, and Peter’s writings before it. John’s three epistles examine the tribulation’s character within his writings.