What an amazing testimony!  What bravery and how refreshing it is to see such integrity within a brother in Christ who found out he was teaching the Bible incorrectly, but then made the very tough decision to stop in his tracks, do the necessary research, and then communicate his experience and the correct way to approach the Bible.

Well done Scottie!

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Within this 15 minute video, Scott Clarke provides excerpts from his interview with Pastor Rodney Beaulieu while also bravely stating the words that so many of us have had to say – “I was wrong,” “I’ve had to pull back and re-educate myself,” “I had to put the pieces back together in the right places.”  This is a wonderful introduction to Right Division.

Scott Clarke interviews Pastor Rodney Beaulieu of Grace Bible Community Church in Connecticut. This video is a wonderful introduction to Mid Acts Pauline Dispensationalism (a.k.a. Right Division) and it truly shows the heart of a person who was previously teaching incorrectly, but has now found the truth of Scripture.

Within this video, Scott Clarke assembles together various clips from six different teachers of Right Division. Their focus is the straight-forward differences between James’ doctrine and Paul’s doctrine.  James and Paul did not teach Law and Grace the same and their audiences were different.  You need to research, understand, and embrace this fact.

Scott Clarke has learned so much in such a short period of time and praise God that He is using Scott to edify others. Within this video, Scott Clarke explores two key questions: 1) When did the Church, the body of Christ, begin? and 2) Who was the first member of the body of Christ? The Scriptural case cannot be argued against.

That’s not a typo … the KJV uses the word “graffed” in Romans 11.  Within this video, Scott Clarke does an excellent job of describing what the body of Christ is and how unique it is, Biblically speaking.

Within this video Scott Clarke takes a very practical question and analyzes how it is that so many who call themselves Christians get the answer wrong. Along the way, Scott discusses what is written as doctrine for the body of Christ, what the Gospel is that provides us salvation, who the 12 ministered to, and who makes up the body of Christ.