The Church, the Body of Christ, is not under the New Covenant

The Church, the body of Christ, is not under the New Covenant (Jer 31:31-34, Ezek 36:22-38, Deut 30:1-8, Lk 1:72-75):

  1. Not long after the Noahic covenant, made with all of mankind, God separated Israel from the nations (gentiles) and no longer entered into covenant relationship with the gentiles (Ex 19:5-7, Deut 6:24-25, Heb 8:6), as He had done with Noah.
    1. The age in which God dealt with the entire human race ended in failure. As a result, around 2,000 BC, God initiated a new program. No longer would He deal directly with all mankind. Instead, He would mediate His communication through a new, chosen people and establish covenants with them to bless the world.
  2. Israel was now to be the channel of blessings to the nations as God wants all nations to be blessed (Gen 12:3).
    1. With the creation of the Abrahamic Covenant, God created a division of the human race into Jew and Gentile.
      1. With Israel’s rejection of their Messiah and the creation of the Church, the body of Christ, there are today, within our current dispensation, three divisions (1 Cor 10:32): Jew, Gentile, Christian (members of the body of Christ).
    2. To understand the Bible correctly, one must understand that the Abrahamic Covenant decreed all divine blessing would be mediated through Israel.
  3. Abraham is the father of the Jews (Is 51:2; Mt 3:9; Lk 1:73; Jn 8:56) and God made all covenants from this point forward exclusively with Israel (Rom 9:4; Eph 2:11-13).
    1. Gentiles and members of the Church are never called Israel or included in Israel.
  4. God did not and has not made a covenant with the Church, the body of Christ (Rom 15:8, Gal 4:4, Eph 2:11-13, Rom 9:4).
  5. Covenants are solely made with the nation Israel.
    1. The Abrahamic, Land, Mosaic, Sabbatic, Davidic, and New Covenants were divine promises made to Israel, each based upon God’s sovereign plan for the Jewish people.
  6. The gospel of the grace of God is not a covenant.

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